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Bikeablity: VSU Students Research Pedestrian Safety

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VSU History Students and Faculty Collaborate to Create New Civil Rights Exhibit in Odum Library

In Fall 2021, Dr. Sarah FitzGerald of VSU’s History Department taught an interesting final project in her Public History course, asking her students to take a more active role in presenting history by planning, assembling, and executing a civil rights-themed…

Field Experience Work for Nursing Students

Field Experience Work for Nursing Students

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences provides students with many opportunities for Experiential Learning. One of the goals of instructors in the college is to provided first-hand real-world experience. This Fall, Senior Nursing student, Alana Durrance, worked with Dr.…

David Nelson Social Media Class

VSU Social Media Class Creates a Social Media Campaign for the Annette Howell Arts Center

During the Summer 2021 semester, students in the COMM 3421: Social Media Strategies class were part of the winning team that created and proposed a social media campaign for the Turner center, the digital hub of Lowndes county arts, for…

NSF Innovation Corps Program Work with Dr. Thomas Manning

NSF Innovation Corps Program Work with Dr. Thomas Manning

Four current and recent VSU students are involved in an experiential learning and research project. The NSF describes their program as “The National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program uses experiential education to help researchers gain valuable insight into entrepreneurship,…